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Toy Story 4 Script: Pixar 'Threw Most of It in the Bin'

Let's hope the production team can deliver Toy Story 4 in time.

According to Toy Story 4 voice for Bo Peep--actress Annie Potts, Pixar abandoned most of the original script, thus delaying the project. The surprise sequel to one of the most beloved and acclaimed franchises was announced in 2014. Due to production problems, it missed the intended 2017 release and was pushed back multiple times until Pixar decided on a June 2019 date, which was confirmed by director Josh Cooley.

Part of the reason for the delay was the nature of creating animated movies, which usually takes years of co-operation. Screenwriters Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left Toy Story 4 last year due to creative and philosophical differences, hindering the movie's development.

Speaking with Radio Times, Potts revealed that the writers' departure led Pixar to discarding most of the script (and to switching the release for The Incredibles 2 to this summer).

[Toy Story 4] was supposed to come out this year and then they threw out three-quarters of it and rewrote. Usually, it takes – from start to finish – two years. But because they threw most of it in the bin and started over [my time on the project has] been extended a little bit. I've done a lot of work on it.


Storytelling is always the focus of Pixar when it comes to their animated marvels. While cashing on sequels in recent years, Pixar has developed more original ideas and broadened their playgrounds with hits like Inside Out and Coco. The studios won't waste their near-perfect trilogy with a mediocre sequel or quick cash grab, even though Finding Dory shows some of the obstacles when Pixar wants to repeat a success. Toy Story 3 brought the story to a satisfying conclusion, so it's understandable that fans are worried by a fourth movie.

Toy Story 4 follows Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) as the duo tries to rescue Bo Peep, who was sold in a yard sale before Toy Story 3.

Source: Radio Times