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Venom Official Trailer: The Grotesque Symbiote Shows Its Face

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock lets the Symbiote take over in a gloriously gruesome shot.

The official trailer for Sony's Venom finally reveals its central character in his ferocious form after an uninspired, disappointing teaser. A few hours after a leaked image from CinemaCon 2018, Sony released the full-length trailer.

Starring Tom Hardy as the titular villain-turned-anti-hero, Venom is a spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's own Spider-Man franchise after Disney won over the cinematic right of New York's favorite web-slinger.

If the teaser shown too little, this new trailer shows too much. We are told of Eddie Brock's backstory as a reporter, the arrival of the Symbiote, how a corporate lackey conceals its from Eddie and tests it on human subjects, Eddie's accidental contact with it, and how he embraces this new-found, macabre identity.


Venom is putting a heavy focus on the physical and psychological relationship between Eddie and the Symbiote, as we hear it sometimes talking to him. Of course, its strength and speed lends Eddie many ways to defend himself because the host is too important for Venom, be it when Eddie fights some thugs or when he tries to get back to his airborne motorbike.


The supporting cast includes Riz Ahmed (The Night Of), as Dr. Carlton Drake--the aforementioned lackey, and Michelle Williams, as Anne Weying--Eddie's love interest. Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) plays an unnamed character who teases Eddie about the secret facilities where the Symbiote is experimented on. There are rumors of Tom Holland's cameo as Peter Parker, but let's hope the studios didn't move that fast and carelessly with intertextuality.

Helming Venom is director Ruben Fleischer, who made his name known after the successful action-comedy Zombieland. With Hardy's persuasive commitment to the role, it's intriguing to observe how Sony would pull off a superhero movie from the angle of psychological horror.

Venom is due in theaters this October 5.

Source: Sony Entertainment