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Brad Bird: Incredibles 2 Isn't A Hollywood Cash Grab

"It makes no financial sense to wait this long," said the director.

The Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird ensured us this sequel is a product of high quality. Its official trailer was recently released to reveal the basic plot, and Incredibles fans are already rooting for the Parrs. Though Pixar isn't new at making long-awaited sequels, we've been camping for more than a decade for this follow-up. So far, the story elements haven't disappointed us.

Yet there are still concerns for how Bird continue the Parr family's adventure after they wrapped up family problems and defeated Syndrome. Is it another Hollywood textbook scheme banking on nostalgia? Speaking with Screen Rant, the director clarified on his intention when making the sequel:

The thing is, many sequels are cash grabs. There's a saying in the business that I can't stand, where they go, [does a funny voice] 'You don't make another one, you're leaving money on the table!' Money on the table isn't what makes me get up in the morning. Making something people are gonna enjoy 100 years from now is what gets me up. So, if it were a cash grab, we would not have taken 14 years. It makes no financial sense to wait this long. It's simply we had a story that we wanted to tell.


The footage shown to us until now solidify his claim. The continuation is very organic, stemming from the shifting political landscape and the revelation of the Parrs, as superheroes on the street. After a long time of outlawing these crime fighters, the world would respond to them in different ways, and that's the breeding ground for more organic development.

Plus, Incredibles 2 should maintain its predecessor's strength--how the Parrs struggle between being super and being normal people. It looks like while Helen is busy revitalizing the superhero community, Bob will be miserable with Dash's maths, Violet's teen angst, and Jack-Jack's multiple powers. We're so eager to see them in action, as well as in household chores!

Source: Screen Rant