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Solo TV Spot: Chewie's Name Introduction to Han

This new commercial spotlights on many Han & Chewie's interactions.

Han Solo learns Chewie's name in the newest Solo TV Spot. More teasers arrive everyday for the next Star Wars spin-off from Disney/Lucasfilm, suggesting action scenes and humorous banter between major characters. Even though we are still skeptical, the Alden Ehrenreich-led action-adventure is finally winning over more Star Wars fans with its belated promotional campaign.

Aside from known footage from the trailer, more Han-Chewie moments are featured in this TV Spot. During a serene scene, Han asks of Chewie's name and Chewie replies in his weirdly adorable growl.


In another, they stand side-by-side and shoot at the Imperial troopers on the Conveyex train. During this shootout, Enfys Nest also joins the crossfire and is seen attacking Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).

One significant beat in Solo is how Han wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando, and the TV Spot teases more shots from one of their Sabacc games, if not THE Sabacc game. Chewie, again, growls tiringly at Han when Han shows him his cards. Everything to him seems like "a bad idea," in Han's words. Maybe the win would happen after many losses, where Han bets all of his belongings.


The character played by Warwick Davis (Prof. Flitwick & Griphook from Harry Potter films), who appeared in many Star Wars movies, gets a brief look. Also, as recent reports suggest, Iron Man director Jon Favreau is joining the Star Wars universe as Rio Durant, the four-arm monkey-guy pilot, who is featured in the same shot in multiple teasers.

There's also a scene for fans who miss classic C3PO and R2D2.


With intriguing details, Solo is gaining our excitement for its old-school action style. Let's hope it delivers the cargo we need next month.

Source: Star Wars