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'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' Trailer: Aliens Meet Punk

A24 released the trailer for John Cameron Mitchell's film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's short.

British writer Neil Gaiman is busy with many of his adaptation projects, from the second season of Starz's American Gods to the production of Amazon's Good Omens. How To Talk To Girls At Parties, which premiered at Cannes last year to negative reception, will be widely released this year.

"That was the future!" Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman are aliens among humanity in this psychedelic blend of England's 1977 punk scene and postmodern art. It looks like writer-director Mitchell and co-writer Philippa Goslett expanded Gaiman's short story to tell a galaxy-shaking yet intimate tale of wild abandon, experimental youth, and free will. Mitchell also returns to reckless expressions of his acclaimed musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch after two less subversive films, Shortbus and Rabbit Hole.


Originally, Gaiman let his main characters-two boys named Enn (played by Alex Sharp in the movie) and Vic--enter a weekend party as they experiment with booze and teen sex. The story ends after their brief encounters with a metaphysical knowledge they can't fathom. From the trailer, it seems the movie will only take that premise.

Enn will embark on a crazy ride with Enn (Fanning), a curious alien in the form of a young girl, around London. In the end, they face Queen Boadicea (Kidman with David Bowie's Goblin King look) in a showdown similar to Edgar Wright's The World's End. Punk clashes with rules as rebels find their true selves. Even humor gets a few bizarre twists here and there.

Source: A24