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Avengers: Infinity War - When Review Embargo Lifts

Marvel Studios is ensuring an exceptional confidentiality for its ground-shattering tentpole.

The two trailers reveal some entertaining snippets. Preview screenings only occur during the premiere week, a few select footage are available for fan events, and most of the cast members know a small part of the script. The release date is pushed up one week earlier, and the Russo brothers took an extra step to contain potential spoilers.

Infinity War social media embargo lifts at 10:30 pm PDT on Monday, April 23. Its review embargo lifts on Tuesday, April 24--one day after the world premiere in Los Angeles and three days before the worldwide theater release. It's a close timeframe, considering Black Panther embargo lifted about two weeks before the premiere.


Written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (who wrote the later two Captain American films), Infinity War will see ten years of the MCU coming together. Fans have been waiting for this crossover ever since the conception this cinematic universe. At least one Avenger member is going to die, and the big picture for Phase Four will be drastically influenced. When a movie packs this much shocking revelations, we can't be careful enough.

Source: Marvel Studios