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John Krasinski Made 'A Quiet Place' Because of His Second Daughter

His first horror film, A Quiet Place, is more personal to him than most of us think.

Well-known for his role Jim Halpert in NBC’s comedy series The Office, John Krasinski is a player of many fields--TV producer, actor, and director. His upcoming film A Quiet Place is his third feature project as the director (also with him and his wife Emily Blunt in the lead roles), and the trailers are impressive enough to whet our horror appetite. Early reviews are expectedly positive, but the reason Krasinski was on board for A Quiet Place might surprise you.

Speaking with Screen Rant to promote the movie, he revealed the circumstance behind his decision to direct this movie. Krasinksi confirmed that the birth of his second daughter Violet, back in June 2016, accounted for it the most when he approached the horror genre, something he wasn't likely to be associated with.

1000%. I don’t think anybody looks at my name and says, “That’s the guy that’s going to direct another horror movie.” You know what I mean? I think that for me, I’m not even a horror guy. I mean, now I’m a huge horror guy, but up until then I hadn’t seen a lot of horror movies.


He continued to clarify the point:

Because I was just too scared. I was one of those people who’s scared and I know there’s a lot of us out there. But for me, this script came about three weeks Emily had given birth to our second daughter and I was definitely in that new parent terror. I was scared to keep her safe, to keep her alive. Was I a good enough man to be her dad? And all of these huge ideas are all in this movie and I love that people call it a scary movie and it is, but there’s something really emotional going on here too. So, I know it seems insane going from the poster, but this is a love letter to my daughters.


This psychological-supernatural horror, following a family of five, must've resonated with Krasinski a lot. He and Blunt have two daughters, 4-year-old Hazel and 2-year-old Violet. In A Quiet Place, the couple are also husband and wife, who must navigate life for themselves and their three children. The world they live in isn't far from reality, except that any kind of sound can attract a deadly menace out there. Silence plays a key role.

This isn't the first time Krasinksi deals with the subject-matter of family life. He directed The Hollars, which is about a grown man facing death and birth of close relatives. Now that we know the movie is close to his heart, rest assured that A Quiet Place won't just offer horror fans jumpscares and existential dread.

Source: Screen Rant