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Ryan Reynolds Challenges Fans with Where's Waldo-Inspired Artwork

Deadpool himself took to Instagram with an Easter puzzle.

Despite hindrances on the parts of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, Fox still has Deadpool 2 to entertain X-Men fans this year. This Easter, Ryan Reynolds is figuratively slipping into his tight red suit again to offer us a fun puzzle while we are waiting for the movie's premiere.

The real-life embodiment of The Merc with A Mouth shared a colorful piece of artwork with an amusing caption: "I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden," challenging fans to an Easter Eggs hunt.

I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.

Bài viết do Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) chia sẻ vào

The image depicts the front yard of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where X-Men characters participate in the mayhem initiated by a black-ops unit. Most of them are re-created in their image from Fox's past and future movies, from Wolverine to Jubilee to a young Storm, among others.

There are too some nice spins on certain characters, as Beast sits next to Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Blind Al drives a fire truck. Rogue grabs and lifts a soldier up--poor him!--while Patrick Stewart's Xavier chases, with a scissor, after his younger self (by James McAvoy). It's surely a lot of fun, one way or another. Can you name all of them?

Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 18, 2018.

Source: 20th Century Fox & Ryan Reynolds