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First Image of Tom Hardy as Al Capone in Fonzo

The actor transforms into the notorious gangster in the first image for Josh Trank's biopic Fonzo.

While fans of Tom Hardy is waiting for his transformation into Venom in Sony's superhero movie of the same name, he is working hard on another project, the biopic Fonzo. The first movie directed by Josh Trank after his failure with Fant4stic, Fonzo traces Al Capone in his later years when this Prohibition Era crime kingpin was imprisoned in the Alcatraz. During this time, he suffered from neurosyphilis, which led to dementia. The movie is described as a psychological drama that blends past sins with mental issues, and Hardy is always game for a chance to be intense (see our Bronson review).

The actor posted the first image of his Al Capone to Instagram with a cryptic caption--"Chasing Fonzo..."

One of Fonzo's key difference from previous Al Capone biopics is that it only briefs us on his prime years before focusing on his downtrodden time in prison. It's a unique take so far, and let's see if Hardy and Trank can live up to the anticipation.

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