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Fant4stic Director Josh Trank Disowns The Movie

Visit Trank's Instagram account for a quick look at his filmography.

Just when Fantastic Four (stylized as Fan4stic) can't get any worse than everyone thinks, director Josh Trank quietly refuses to acknowledge Fant4stic properly as his movie.

Fant4stic was released in 2015 in the hope of rejuvenating the First Family of Marvel Comics on the big screen. However, the movie performed poorly at the box office while being panned as the worst superhero movie of all time. It leaves a smear on the filmographies of its promising cast and crew members, notably Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller.

While most of the young cast moved on with successful projects, Trank might still feel betrayed by Fox after the studio meddled with the movie's theatrical cut and made it a unwatchable mess. In his Instagram bio, the director lists Chronicle and the upcoming Fonzo as his movies, with a series of asterisks indicating Fantastic Four in between.


The movie severely hurt Trank's career as Lucasfilm cut ties with him in 2015 after hiring him for one of the Star Wars anthology movies. He can't erase Fan4stic from our collective memory but only hopes we can leave that debacle behind and give him a chance to move beyond it.

Now with Disney's acquisition of Fox, we can expect the Fantastic Four to enter the MCU, though not in the near future.

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