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Steven Spielberg Won't Digitally Fiddle With His Movies Again

The famed director talked about how swapping a few details in the re-release of E.T. hurt the movie.

During the SXSW, Steven Spielberg was asked about adding special effects into his old movies, to which he replied:

Well, I got in trouble for doing that. When E.T. was re-released, I actually digitized 5 shots where E.T. went from being a puppet to a digital puppet and I also replaced the gun when the F.B.I. runs up on the van, now they walkie talkies. So there’s a really bad version of E.T. where I took my cue from Star Wars and all of the digital enhancements of A New Hope that George put in, and I went ahead, because the marketing at Universal thought we need something to get an audience back and see the movie so I did a few touch up in the film, and in those days, social media wasn’t as profound as it is today but what was just beginning, you know, erupted a loud, negative voice about how could you ruin our favorite childhood film by taking the guns away and putting walkie-talkies in their hands among other things.


He was behind the production and the camera of many memorable movies of our childhood, including Jaws, Indiana Jones trilogy, Back To The Future trilogy, E.T., The Goonies, and Jurassic Park. While Spielberg and his long-time friend George Lucas innovated the blockbusters for the better, they brought controversial changes to the later versions of their movies. They are both criticized for these digital alterations, particularly in a scathing South Park episode. And there are many infamous Star Wars scenes that poke fun at Lucas' visual choices for filling the screen with distracting aliens.

Spielberg continued to make his point:

So I learned a big lesson and that’s the last time I decided to ever mess with the past. What’s done is done, and um, I’ll never go back and do another movie I’ve made and I have control over to enhance or changes.

Source: Screen Rant