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Avengers: Infinity War Second Trailer Is Here

The much-hyped trailer arrives with character moments and epic battles.

After a month of waiting, fans finally get a treat of the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer. MCU's nineteenth film includes the largest roster of characters, both good and bad, of the superhero genre, and its trailer reflects this sheer scale very well. As the worldwide release is synced up and nearing, here's more good news.

First, Gamora briefs Tony Stark about the core conflict of the movie as the superheroes of Earth haven't grasped the idea of ultimate doom. This opening encapsulates the plot with Thanos and the Infinity Stones on Earth. We also see an armored Thanos in his almost-full glory next to who seems to be Gamora as a child years ago.

But it's not pure spectacle as actual characterization is hinted. Iron Man devises tactics against Thanos, based on their one advantage: Earth has time to prepare and defend itself. Alliances are formed with Captain America meeting Black Panther, and Thor is on his way to become his strongest self. Many side characters are highlighted in the process, especially Loki and the Black Order.


The trailer also gives a few moments of quippy interactions between characters as Star-Lord tries to one-up Iron Man and an innocent Spider-Man accidentally pokes fun at Doctor Strange's name. Of course, Thanos takes a large share of highlight too.

Stay tuned for our analysis of this epic trailer on MovieWorms while admiring this new theatrical poster:


Avengers: Infinity War opens everywhere on April 27, and tickets are on sale now.