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Disney Plans 2019 Oscar Campaign for Black Panther

We can expect an Oscar push for this ground-breaking superhero movie later this year.

Not a month after its premiere, Black Panther secures its spot as one of 2018's most important and critical acclaim movies. More than a record-shattering blockbuster, this African-centric superhero movie proudly celebrates its exuberant culture and leaves an exalting impression on its audiences.

According to Deadline, Disney executives already planned an Oscar campaign, including "the best prize," for this awesome watershed of black cultures and comic book movies.


The Deadline source even reported that Christopher Nolan "predicted" Black Panther as one of the Best Picture contenders. Since his achievement with The Dark Knight, The Academy increased the number of Best Picture nominees to ten. This year's Oscar saw genre films (Get Out, The Shape of Water) taking major categories along with Logan's nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

If the most prestigious prize of the Oscars seems a bit too far for Black Panther (even though we wholeheartedly endorse it), smaller categories like Production Design and Costume Design are more certain. Thanks to Hannah Beachler, Ruth E. Carter, and their teams, the world of Wakanda transpires in a colorful and diverse representation. While Rachel Morrison's impressive cinematography might be overlooked between CGI spectacles, Ludwig Göransson’s tribally rich music and Ryan Coogler's taut direction should also be acknowledged.

It's early to affirm anything when most of Oscar hopefuls are released in the last months of the year with overwhelming qualities. That said, Get Out and Logan didn't lose their buzz among critics and cinephiles during 2017, so we can expect Black Panther to retain its cultural and political impact as the conversation surrounding it is still gaining textual momentum.

Source: Deadline