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Avengers: Infinity War Bio Reveals Thanos' Motivation

Infinity War merchandise offered a few insights for the movie's villain, Thanos the Mad Titan.

The Toy R Us website updated some of the character bios. While the rumors about Spidey's Iron Spider suit is confirmed, there is a more important bit about the big bad that the Avengers and other superheros must confront.

During its reportedly 150-minute runtime, Infinity War must have enough characterization to embolden the flashy action spectacle. That's a default task for the MCU pivot after the accumulation of eighteen movies. Fans are still in the dark when it comes to Thanos' reasons to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy, but his character bio, beside those of Cap and Spidey, sheds light on valuable information.


As the info reads, Thanos is "consumed with saving the universe from itself." This drive is better than just ruling the galaxy, though what makes Thanos think the universe need his help is still mysterious. The Mad Titan probably sees the natural process of emerging superpowered individuals and groups and considers it a threat to the balance of the universe. But that's just our educated guess on the matter.

Source: Toy R Us