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Two Main Reasons For Avengers: Infinity War's Release Date Change

U.S. moviegoers can experience Avengers: Infinity War on April 27, and it's a great move.

Marvel Studios announced their change for the release of Infinity War via a jocular interaction with Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter yesterday. The third Avengers movie will open on April 27 everywhere (mostly, depending on certain countries), but this isn't that shocking a move by Disney/Marvel Studios. For the movie and fans' benefits, we should've seen this coming.



Infinity War will surely pack tons of Earth-shattering surprise for Marvel fans with its revelations for future installments and, sadly, character deaths. LEGO sets and action figures often tease minor changes for characters, but no major plot points yet.


As with the old release date (May 4), story discussion would've started before U.S. viewers could enjoy the massive blockbuster in theaters. In this fast-moving age of information, spoilers sneak into every corner of the Internet--so prevalent that one can stumble upon them on an unrelated discussion thread. Fans now rest assured that the chance is fair for everyone.


The discrepancy between release dates used to benefit the MCU because non-U.S. viewers tend to be less strict and well-versed with superhero blockbusters, which always yields a more positive reception before the movies opened domestically. Now with such hype and preparation for Infinity War, Marvel Studios won't have to apply the safe tactics anymore. Also, the movie has a high chance to secure the biggest opening weekend ever.


But that's only the general analysis, because we should consider the exact circumstance around this April release date. For one, Infinity War has a completely 3-week window in the box office without any major competitions. Deadpool 2 won't open until May 18 (Fox made a bold decision moving it up from June 2). By giving Infinity War one more week in the domestic market, Marvel Studios reduced the chance of its getting hurt by Deadpool 2. While The Merc with a Mouth's sequel to its successful first outing will be R-rated--not exactly compatible to Infinity War's target audience, they both fall under the superhero blanket.

That's not all. The month of May 2018 also sees another blockbuster's opening weekend: Solo: A Star Wars Story. As Solo and Infinity War are both Disney properties, this is where cooperation is called for. Though the movie is developed under the Star Wars branding, the expectation for Han Solo's origin story isn't as high as it needs to be. Star Wars fans already complained about Solo's cast, tone, and unnecessity of the story. With Infinity War opened five weeks ahead, Solo can avoid clashing with such a force. At least its box office only meets the sizable bump that is Deadpool 2.