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James Gunn Confirms Baby Groot is Groot's Son

In a Twitter interaction with fans, the GotG director confirmed Baby Groot's true identity.

James Gunn has always been active with his fans on social media, from friendly anecdotes to startling revelations about Guardians of the Galaxy movies--for instance, the title sequences and hidden Easter Eggs that keep fans guessing.

An intriguing detail about Volume Two is that whether Baby Groot is a form of the original Groot, only resurrected. Gunn once explained that Baby Groot is not Groot in any way. Groot's death in the first Guardians should be cherished for its emotional heft, not meddled with by a revival.

In a recent Twitter interactions with fans, Gunn was asked to choose between his Groot and Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Porg, and he chose Groot out of good reasons.

Ali Stale argued: "But you can grow Groot back, as evidenced in your film. Once you kill a porg, it’s gone," to which Gunn replied:

Now the relation between Groot and Baby Groot is clear. It's similar to Dragon Ball Z's Piccolo and his son, or how the Nameks reproduce. Baby Groot being Groot's son also deepens the emotions between the two Guardians movies, especially Volume Two's mid-credit where Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) realizes the team must raise Baby Groot as their child. The sentiment evokes a resonance with themes about parenthood and sacrifice seen in Groot and Yondu's deaths.