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Wonder Woman 2 Would Reportedly Feature Cheetah as the Main Villain

The sequel to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's astounding superhero movie might pit Cheetah against Diana Prince.

There was a report about Circe being the movie's antagonist, but The Hashtag Show recently reported that the Wonder Woman sequel, with Jenkins and Gadot returning, would extract another arch nemesis from the Wonder Woman comics.

Wonder Woman was a huge hit last summer, with both impressive box office and universal acclaim. Earnest and impactful, the Gadot-led feminist movie holds its ground next to many other male-centric superhero flicks. The sequel was green-lit shortly after and will start production this May, and many fans have been speculating the main villain.


According to a source of The Hashtag Show, Cheetah is joining Wonder Woman 2's Cold War-set story. Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham's script should be mostly complete at this point (only three more months from official production), and Warner Bros. is already casting the character. The Oscar-winning Emma Stone was considered, but she passed on the role.

The Cheetah incarnation used by Wonder Woman 2 would be Barbara Ann Minerva, a British anthropologist who entered a ritual in Urzkartagan before transforming into an embodiment of an ancient cheetah god.

The official announcement may arrive in near future, but these options of Circe and Cheetah should provide comic fans enough background information to speculate the movie for now.

Source: DC Comics (images), The Hashtag Show