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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Super Bowl Trailer Analysis

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt faces past demons and new threats in the first Mission: Impossible - Fallout trailer.

Your dad's (and your) favorite action-spy franchise is back with more international plots and mind-boggling, ridiculously captivating stunts in exotic locations. Christopher McQuarrie is at the helm again, after the success of Rogue Nation, and the sixth Mission: Impossible installment promises to up the espionage ante.

After breathtaking establishing shots over Paris and landscapes, the trailer rushes into the gist of the problem. Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) appears with a guilt-prying threat to Hunt, intercut with images from his past missions (one of which is a bloody cable). Does that mean Hunt's heroics eventually lead to an undesirable outcome?

Most of Hunt's recent crew are back--Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), Hunt's old pal Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), tech guy Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), and even Hunt's ex-girlfriend played by Michelle Monaghan), but the additional cast isn't less impressive.

Angela Basset's cold-hearted CIA operative scolds Alan Hunley over a mission to retrieve a package of plutonium.

Henry Cavill, donning the notoriously costly mustache (for the DCEU only), plays CIA's August Walker. Walker seems to be a good guy for now; he sympathizes with Hunt and helps him in the bathroom fight, but one can't know for sure. "How many times has Hunt's government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?" Is he implying a breaking point for Hunt?


The fearless, alluring Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) seems at odds with Hunt and is hiding a scheme from him. Their partnership turns hostile quickly with a scene where Faust opens fire at him. Not just him though--Hunt is driving a car, in which are seated Walker, Stickell, and an unknown hostage, who later lies on a hospital bed and angers Hunt before Stikell must step between them. Faust was an ex-Syndicate member, so this detail adds more suspicion to whose allegiance Faust is currently with.


The trailer wraps up with a badass montage of bike chases, swerving cars, Pegg looking bewildered in the midst of action, Cavill shooting a helicopter from inside a helicopter, and Hunt's rope-climbing and rock-climbing. And don't forget the headbutt driving the fine M:I agent performs when a truck blocks the way. With McQuarrie and Ex Machina's DP Rob Hardy behind the camera, fans may rest assured for tension, inventive set pieces, and well-done action sequences.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is out in theater July 27, 2018.

Source: Paramount Pictures