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Future Star Wars Canon May Explore Snoke's Backstory

Andy Serkis teased story potential for Snoke after the controversial twist in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

[This article contains Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers]

In a recent interview with Screen Crush, Andy Serkis opened up about the death of Snoke and a chance for Star Wars fans to see the First Order's Supreme Leader again.

When asked about any story potential for his ill-fated character, the motion-capture legend replied:

"We’ve talked about it. We wanted to keep it a mystery and, you know by the way, it is Star Wars so who knows what might happen. Without giving anything away."


So at some point in the conception of Last Jedi, Lucasfilm, Serkis, and writer-director Rian Johnson discussed and even laid out the details of Snoke's journey to power, one of the most theorized among Force Awakens discussions. The final movie, however, rejects pet theories and upends overhyped plot points by having Snoke cut in half in his throne room. Snoke only serves as one among many stepping stones in the internal struggle of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo (Adam Driver).

While this is the end for Snoke's reign--as Kylo takes over the First Order--he could appear as a Force ghost, or at least in a backstory squeezed into future Star Wars non-movie canon (comic books, TV shows, and novels). For now, bringing him back to life (which means Serkis would return for the role) could tamper with Kylo's fantastic character arc. That's something Disney/Lucasfilm shouldn't do with Johnson's subversive take on Star Wars conventions.

Source: Screen Crush