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Steven Soderbergh's 'Unsane' Trailer: Dread and Paranoia Surround Claire Foy

Fox dropped the first trailer for Soderbergh's shot-on-iPhone horror-thriller Unsane.

The prolific Steven Soderbergh is coming back strongly after his self-proclaimed retirement from movies. After his four-year hiatus, last summer's heist film Logan Lucky proved Soderbergh didn't stop being inventive and insightful.

Disillusioned with the Hollywood studio system, he moved on quickly with a shot-on-iPhone thriller named Unsane, together with the experimental series Mosaic.

Unsane stars The Crown's Claire Foy as a seemingly paranoid woman. There's no question for Foy's commitment to the required physicality--good news, she is playing Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

Heretofore known as "Soderbergh's secret movie shot on an iPhone", Unsane unravels its plot in a chilling three-minute trailer. Foy plays an unnamed lead role, who tries to escape her stalker (Joshua Leonard).

The situation worsens and ventures into a twisted narrative as Foy's character is involuntarily locked inside a mental institution, where the stalker supposedly works. As she struggles with the confinement, the way she is treated gives few clues to what is really happening. Juno Temple, Amy Irving, and Jay Pharoah co-star.


With his famed forte for a wide variety of genres, Soderbergh doesn't rely on the iPhone gimmick. The atmosphere in Unsane is sophisticated and insanely immersive, preparing viewers for the staggering violence. Voyeuristic shots, skew angles, tense close-ups, and a shrieking score eerily intensify the dubious sanity of the main character. Even the title suggests a bizarre process prevailing in the her psyche.

In the same suspenseful vein of Soderbergh's psychological drama Side Effects, Unsane thus has the potential to deliver more than just effective scares.

Unsane is set to premiere in theaters on March 23, 2018.

Source: 20th Century Fox