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Edgar Wright Is Game For Baby Driver 2

Baby Driver director Edgar Wright will direct the sequel when it's official.

Edgar Wright, writer-director of the summer hit Baby Driver, will direct the sequel when it's official. The eargasmic crime caper was his passion project after Wright left MCU's Ant-Man over creative conflict. With a blaring soundtrack and kinetic visuals, Baby Driver won big at the box office and received high-flown praises from many critics and fellow filmmakers.


In this short interview with MTV, Wright confirms he has the basic story and characters for Baby Driver 2. The last time we see the titular character (Ansel Egort), he is driving with Debora (Lily James) into the sunset--a romantic yet open-ended story for Baby.

While he is set to write the script, Wright trusts no one else to direct his brainchild.

"I'm not gonna spend 6 months writing it but not directing it."


Exhilirating in its cinematic power, Baby Driver proves Wright's knack for memorable characters and engrossing action sequences. Thus, it's understandable when he wants his vision pure and uncompromised.

Egort also offers his support for the British director:

"I think Edgar just needs to write a dope-ass sequel and we're ready to go."

Source: MTV