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IT's Kid Actors Didn't See Bill Skarsgard During First Month of Shooting

Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard was initially kept away from the kid ensemble on the set of 2017 horror hit IT.

In a new Screen Rant interview, IT's kid stars Jaeden Lieberher, Jackson Robert Scott, and Sophia Lillis answer questions about reactions to Bill Skarsgard's devil clown Pennywise on set, and more.

IT was a huge success in the last months of 2017, leading a Stephen King renaissance after the mediocre The Dark Tower. This victory owes much to the ensemble cast, who gave their brilliant portrayals of the kids. The audiences really root for their lovable group of playful, supportive friends against the demonic Pennywise.


When asked of their most relatable characters, Lieberher (who plays Bill) identifies himself with Ben, a nerdy loner. Scott (Georgie) agrees to choose Bill, and surprisingly, Lillis (Beverly) compares herself to Stanley, a by-stander type.

Most of the time, Skarsgard was kept away from the kid actors, possibly to prepare for the best performances of surprise and dread from the kids.

Lieberher and Lillis recount their experiences with Skarsgard, comparing their first real-life encounters and those with him in the Pennywise get-up. Lieberher describes the vibe as "abnormal" while Lillis "laughed hysterically," thinking Pennywise look "hilarious."

Scott has the smallest screen time but his character, little Georgie, holds the movie's emotional crux. Thanks to his credible performance opposite Skarsgard, the opening sequence sets the right tone for IT, making the imminent fear more palpable. Unknowing of how Pennywise would look like, Scott was scared the most in the part where Pennywise ripped off Georgie's arm.


Lillis also gives a few insights into her bathroom scene with a tangle of hair and blood blowing up from the sewer. The scene required considerable technicality and logistics, and was shot for a few days.

Asked of the direction in the sequel, both Lieberher and Lillis are on board with King's development of the grown-up characters. Like us, they are excited about seeing the deleted scenes, which tighten the plot and provide a few more scares.

IT was out on DVD/Bluray on January 9th.

Source: Screen Rant