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Taika Waititi Has Quirky Fun in Thor: Ragnarok Bloopers

The loveable goofiness of Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is evident in a new blooper clip.

After two bland solo movies, MCU's Thor steps up his game in the fantastical third movie Thor: Ragnarok. While providing Chris Hemsworth's Thor a profound framework to mature into his destined role, Ragnarok doesn't forget to offer its characters and viewers a lot of fun. Under the vision of New Zealand director Taika Waititi (The Hunt for Wilderpeople), Norse mythology unfurls around quirky characters, colorful interactions, and massive spectacles of intergalactic gladiator matches and vengeful ancient gods.

JoBlo just released a blooper reel showing Waititi's shenanigans on the Australian set of Ragnarok, which Hemsworth calls "the most lighthearted, fun set" he's ever been on.

This statement is understandable as the video starts with Waititi warbling along with the MCU opening sequence. What follows is a series of goofy comments and physical jokes from the director, whose humor is described by Cate Blanchett, his Queen of Death Hela, as "particular and unique and quirky." Waititi shows immense fascination with props--wigs, hanging clothes, or supplies in his "Sakaarian Radio Shack."


Ragnarok has a wacky approach to humor in the midst of apocalyptic events, and Waititi makes sure his actors can feel relaxed and give their best comic performances possible. He loves fooling around them, particularly dancing with Jeff Goldblum and Blanchett. There are also some hilariously improvised scenes as he portrays the fan favorite Korg with motion-capture equipment on. Valkyrie actress Tessa Thompson remarks: "Taika is just a big kid."

The blooper reel ends with his assertion--"That's how you make movies." Seeing the positive response from critics and moviegoers, as well as Kevin Feige's wish to work with him in the future, the Kiwi helmer of great comedies has a promising career ahead of him.

Source: JoBlo, ScreenRant